Teen Volunteer


We believe that teens are intelligent, responsible, capable, creative, and caring — and have the power to make a huge difference in our world. As a Fox Valley Food for Health teen we invite you to step into an experience that revolves around learning, growing and giving back to your community.


As a teen volunteer you will experience:
• Working in our commercial kitchen along side a kitchen mentor
• Meeting teens from all over the Fox Valley area
• Preparing hundreds of delicious, and nourishing meals for families dealing with serious illness
• Making an impact in your community


• Learning about the link between healthy food and well being
• Fulfilling hours towards your school’s community service programs
• Accumulating noteworthy credentials for your college applications
• Working towards a role as a “Teen Leader” in the program


Whether you have never cooked before, or feel confident in your skills, there is a place for you at Fox Valley Food for Health. We’ll find the right job for your skill level, and give you the opportunity to learn more. Each week Teen and Adult Volunteers work together to prepare, cook, package, and deliver our delicious and nutritious meals. Teen chefs, working with adult mentors, learn cooking skills and increase their knowledge of nutrition, healthy eating behaviors, and food safety. With your help, families struggling with illness are nourished and our community is strengthened. It’s as simple as that!


• You must be between the ages of 14-19
• A minimum of a three month commitment
• Work at least a 2.5-3 hour shift per week


To help orient you to the Fox Valley Food for Health kitchen, here are some basic principles:
• When you arrive at the kitchen, come ready to jump in and do what is needed – from washing dishes to chopping onions. All tasks are necessary and important; each person is vital to the smooth running of the kitchen.
• Turn off cell phones in the kitchen. No texting, calls, etc.
• Wear appropriate clothing. In the kitchen it is safest to wear closed toed shoes, long pants, and shirts with sleeves (no tank tops). Pull hair back, or wear a hat or bandana.
• Wash your hands immediately upon entering the kitchen. During your time in the kitchen, wash your hands often – whenever you sneeze or touch your hair or face, after eating or going outside, and after using the restroom. Wash them after handling any raw meat, poultry or seafood.
• Clean up the work area as you go, especially after you have completed a task.
• Keep hydrated! The kitchen can be warm and we are working hard. Don’t forget to take time to drink water.
• Ask questions if you do not understand something. This is how we all learn!
• Let us know at least 48 hours in advance if you cannot make your shift. The third time you do not show up or notify us in advance, you will not be allowed to participate in the program.
• Eat before you come! We taste the food but do not eat a lot during the shift.
• There is a limit to how many people can work at any given time in the kitchen. If you are not on the schedule, it isn’t possible to just drop in and lend a hand.





Steps to follow

First Step: We ask that teens join either the Monday or Tuesday team and are able to commit 12 weeks to the program.  You must be able to arrive by 3:15 and will usually be finished by 5:30 or 6:00.

If are you able to make this commitment please Fill out this online form – Online Form.

Second Step: After completing our online application, our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to set up a tour of our kitchen or garden.

Third Step:Complete a Sanitation course taught by our Executive Chef in the Food for Health facility.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Ellward, at SusanE@foxvalleyfoodforhealth.org.

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